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Portos - a dictionary for everyone

Portos is a user friendly device which includes six bidirectional dictionaries. After entering a word Portos gives a quick insight into it's meaning. There is no need for searching through books or surfing the web.The dictionary is easy to use wherever and whenever you need it most.

Currently we are offering three additional languages free of charge - Czecz, Dutch and Portugese.




    English Slovenian (99,000 words)
    Slovenian English (91,000 words)
    German Slovenian (129,000 words)
    Slovenian German (145,000 words)
    Italian Slovenian (84,000 words)
    Slovenian Italian (89,000 words)
    French Slovenian (64,000 words)
    Slovenian French (65,000 words)
    Spanish Slovenian (60,000 words)
    Slovenian Spanish (65,000 words)
    Croatian Slovenian (155,000 words)
    Slovenian Croatian (180,000 words)


    Slovenian Czecz (27,000 words)
    Czecz Slovenian (38,000 words)
    Slovenian Dutch (27,000 words)
    Dutch Slovenian (41,000 words)
    Slovenian Portugese (27,000 words)
    Portugese Slovenian (63,000 words)




Who are the users of Portos?

  • Everyone who is learning Slovenian and requires a quick insight into the meaning of a word,
  • for business people and everyone who likes to travel to Slovenia,
  • for those who like to read slovenian books and publications since the device can be used at anytime and anywhere.

Why is Portos dictionary the right choice?

  • The Portos portable language dictionary represents a novelty on the market for everyone interested in slovenian language and was designed as a result of many years of experience in designing portable electronic devices and microcontroller systems,
  • the product was developed in Slovenia and incorporates the passion for languages as well as technology,
  • complete device portability and durability which enables you to store it in your pocket and work for years before changing the batteries,
  • the possibility to add custom databases with arbitrary content which are limited only with the device memory size,
  • because the Portos dictionary possesses a custom operational system and since it utilizes enciphered databases unauthorized usage of content is made practically impossible.

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